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Welcome to the my small piece of the internet. Very sporadically, I use this space to post what I find interesting, funny or just what I have a feeling that I have to share with world.

By education, I am an electrical engineer with a passion for electric motors and by profession, I do my best to be a good R&D project manager and team leader. In my personal life I try to be at least as good husband as my wife is a wife to me + I have two spoiled cats. Time to time, I spend some moments on a mountain bike (to be honest, mainly on a roads).


Bloody MEME!

1 min read



Windows 10 PC that fits in your pocket for just $99

1 min read

This is really not bad, as for quite low price you can get nice Windows 10 PC in size close to 2.5" HDD. Sure, the performance is not the best, but at the price and size, it gives really good first impression.


Credits: The Verge (youtube)


What a milestone!

1 min read

Credits +Engadget


When Adeles meet Adele

1 min read

Credits:  +Tomas Holcik


Immigrants vs Europe

Just a cartoon for this morning.

Credits: +The Economist


Lip sync round!

1 min read

I am a subscriber of SketchShe since their first or second video. Not all of them are equally funny, but this one is really cool.

And as a bonus, I could not not to attach the second video, that is quite old, but it makes me laugh every time I see it.


What Do Blind People Actually See?

1 min read

The linked article very nicely explains, what blind people (don't) see. I was thinking about this many times, but never came to anything that would really convinced me. I really like the example with the goose, I think this is a way how to explain something you can not really imagine, because you do not have any relevant information that could be used as base for that image.

But imagine telling a goose (who doesn’t know much about humans) that you can’t sense Earth’s magnetic field. The bird, baffled, asks, “So, what do you sense when you change the direction you’re facing??"



360 degree video from Swiss jet fighter in 4K! Feel free to look around ;)

1 min read

Yet another, not that serious as previous one, 360 degree video. This time taken on board of Swiss jet fighter. Take a look around :)

Credits: +Tomas Vit


The 360 degree video of a devastated city in Syria

1 min read

I think this is one of the best way how and for what purpose could the 360 degrees video be used I have seen yet. The option to look around, and see what is actually all around, and not only what the cameraman allow you to see is priceless.

Especially in these days where you can, and are overhelmed by the news from everywhere. I am not saying, you cannot be fooled by this kind of vide report, but it is definitelly much harder.

Great job, thumbs up!

Credits to +Tomas Holcik.


Men have got rights as well you know! LOL