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Arnold is a legend :D


A duct tape of 21st century?


Yet another Lego-related post. Cool Falcon Millennium model in 1 Lego figure ratio.


A cellar of my dreams.


Rusové proti Rusům: Země v nevyhlášené občanské válce | Data

Pekne demograficke cteni o dnesnim Rusku se spoustou zajimavych spojitosti. Idealni na delsi pauzu :)


Tired of unboxing videos? Here is one with ;)


"Can you describe yourself in 3 words?"
"Very lazy."


So sweet. I feel like download it, although I am not a kid any more. (


Few days ago, I have uploaded my first repository to github. You can find it at It is a script that allows you to set a custom keyboard shortcut to run m-file directly from Sublime Text 3, with no need of switching to Matlab every time you want to run the file.

Any feedback is welcome!